Party ice bucket

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  • Strawberries
  • Cherries
  • Pomegranate
  • Flowers
  • Pine tree or rosemary sprigs
  • Water or distilled water


Select the fruit you picked: strawberries, cherries and pomegranate.

The flowers you use could be in the same tones.

The pine tree or rosemary sprigs are used to make it greener in color.

You must prepare the ice bucket in three parts.

First you must create the lower part of the container, fill the bucket with around 2 inches of water (if you use distilled water, the resulting product will be more transparent).

Once it freezes, put the smaller bucket inside, over the frozen layer, and fill with something heavy so it doesn’t lift.

Place the flowers, fruit and leaves in the space between the two buckets.

Pour enough water in between to cover all the elements.

The water level must rise to half the bucket at this stage; then put the containers in the freezer so they freeze for several hours.

Take out of the freezer and add a final layer of fruit, then add more water.

Do not fill up to the brim; the water will expand when it freezes.

Put back in the freezer.

Once all the contents are frozen, you must remove the heavy object used as weight and pour cold water inside.

After a few minutes, the inner bucket will slide out.

Then put the bigger bucket under running cold water for a few minutes; the ice bucket will detach.

You can store the ice bucket in the freezer before using.