Strawberry tongues

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  • 4 green apples
  • 2 oz sliced almonds
  • 3.5 oz Hortifrut strawberries
  • 20 blueberries, cut in halves
  • 5 large, hard oranges
  • 14 oz fresh fruits mix
  • 3.4 oz fl whipped cream to stick the blueberry eye


Rinse, dry, and cut the apples into quarters on a cutting board.

Rinse and dry the strawberries, remove the stems, and julienne them, making a fan-like shape.

Toast the sliced almonds to create ugly teeth.

Stick the almonds to the upper part of the apple after carving a hole in the shape of a mouth.

Stick the blueberry halves with whipped cream.

Add a strawberry slice simulating a long tongue.