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Cherries are known since prehistory, and it is believed that the cherry tree is originally from Asia Minor, and that it could have been taken to Europe by migrating birds.

From ancient times, cherries are highly consumed, well-appreciated, and a very well-known fruit, because both Greeks and Romans took care of spreading it. In particular, the Romans knew the grafting techniques very well, and they were capable of creating new cherry varieties, with new flavors, besides spreading the fruit all across the empire.

Cherries have been used from immemorial time as an intestinal purifier to free the body from toxins, and according to studies carried out in Arizona University, cherries are the fruit with the highest flavonoid content. This makes them very important for the treatment and prevention of some of the most widespread diseases nowadays, related to cell deterioration and aging, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Enjoy our delicious and healthy fresh cherries in the following available formats during season:

Box: 2,5 kgs. (88.2 oz.)/5 kgs. (176.4 oz.)


They reduce pain from arthritis, improving inflammatory conditions.

They reduce the risk of gout attacks.

They reduce triglyceride, cholesterol, sugar, and blood insulin levels.

They regulate fat, glucose, and blood pressure.

They strengthen slow and deteriorated bowel transit.

They are diuretic and reduce fluid retention.

They ease sleep and reduce insomnia.

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