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Hortifrut and Duncan Fox create giant frozen investments in Chile, Peru and the United States.

Oct 16, 2019

A new plant for increasing exports from the Peruvian market is set up in an equal footing between companies controlled by the Moller and Lecaros Menéndez families in the fruit and vegetable business.

In an operation aimed at establishing the country’s largest frozen fruit and vegetable exporter, Hortifrut agro-companies controlled by the Moller family and Alifrut (a subsidiary of Duncan Fox affiliated with the Lecaros Menéndez family) yesterday announced creating a new, evenly-divided society that will concentrate the development of these business areas with a focus on increasing exports.

They both report that the operation is considering the transfer of five frozen manufacturing plants, as well as the relevant fixed assets of the new company, which will begin producing and marketing close to 35 million kilograms.

Thus, the future society ̵1; which will become the only vehicle for the Duncan Fox S.A. frozen fruit and vegetables business and Hortifrut SA- will become “the largest exporting company in the country in its category and a very important player in international markets”, according to information provided yesterday by a statement.

Regarding the process of implementation of this agreement, the companies informed by a material fact that the due diligence process is scheduled for March 2020 and that the parties plan to prepare a presentation to the National Economic Prosecutor’s Office (FNE) to process the approval

“Thanks to this association, we are consolidating and further strengthening our leadership as a global business platform by complementing the value-added offering of this integration with Alifrut, the largest manufacturing company o frozen fruits and vegetables in the country “, he stressed yesterday the CEO of Hortifrut, Juan Ignacio Allende.

A $ 25 million plan

The companies have indicated that the new Company is planning a $ 25 million investment program over the next 24 months that will be used mainly for projects in Chile, the United States, and in particular Peru, big plans are planned in the short term. They state in detail that a manufacturing plant will be built in the last country in Peru to “enhance exports from that country and benefit from the synergies with the fields and manufacturers that Hortifrut already has.”

It should be noted that following the acquisition and merger of Rocío Group’s blueberry business last July, the company, chaired by Víctor Moller, includes 1,450 hectares planted to reach a total of 2,200 hectares in the country, consolidating as a leading global player in manufacturing and commerce with fruits.

country, the partnership between Duncan Fox and Hortifrut will increase the “efficiency, logistics and profitability of manufacturing enterprises according to market needs”, while for the US market the goal is “to strengthen Hortifrut’s trading platform to reach more customers with a wider range of products. “

In view of the Alliance’s big goal – to increase deliveries to the US, Europe, Asia and Oceania – Alifrut CEO Gonzalo Bashelet said this operation” will allow us to strengthen the company’s international forecasts to respond the specific needs of consumption trends, such as fruit mixes, vegetable mixes, turbidity, along with new flavors, recipes, packaging, formats and personalized nutritional attributes. ” Alifrut is currently the largest processor and exporter of frozen fruits and vegetables in the country.