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Blackberries are a superfood originally from Europe and Asia, although there are many species from different origins, and its consumption dates back millennia.

In classical Greece, wild blackberries were known as “titan blood”, alluding to its intense colors: red, purple, violet, and black. Nevertheless, the first reference noting the consumption of blackberries as a part of recipes dates back to the first century a.d.

Thanks to their antioxidant content and anti-inflammatory properties, blackberries are a food suitable to combat many illnesses such as some vision degenerative diseases and fluid retention, and they also help prevent infections and boost our health.

In addition, they contain a significant amount of fiber, which stimulates bowel cleansing, preventing constipation.

Enjoy our delicious and healthy fresh blackberries in the following available formats during season:

Clamshell: 70 gr. (2.5 oz.)/125 gr. (4.4 oz.)/225 grs. (7.9 oz.)         
Box: 1 kg. (35.3 oz.)


They prevent cancer.

They reduce the pain from arthritis.

They reduce the stifling sensation, irritation, and excess bleeding produced by menopause.

They help improve vision and prevent macular degeneration.

They favor the treatment of the urinary tract in kidney infections.

They prevent paralysis, eye diseases, and hearing loss.

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