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Our dream has always been providing the best berries, all year round, all over the world.

To achieve this goal, coming from a country as distant as Chile, we have developed and created many solutions, some of which are successful and have been replicated, becoming the industry’s global standard.

That is how innovation has become an essential and continuous process, and is present in all areas of the business’s value chain, from the development of new and improved varieties and production, to logistics chain, distribution, marketing, and sales.

Additionally, we acknowledge and value innovation as an agent of change which allows us to generate positive impacts on society, accelerating a global cultural change that redefines success in business and helps to develop a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

That is why we also encourage open innovation and promote initiatives that help improve co-development processes, offering support with resources, training courses, know-how, and field tests in our fields, in order to support new proposals and solutions, adapting them to the needs of the national and international fruit industry.