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Water is the basic component of life, and the survival of every living being inhabiting this planet depends on it: plants, animals, and human beings.

As we cannot live without water, it is important that we become aware of its importance and make an effort to take care of it.


100% of our crops have drip irrigation systems, one of the main practices of sustainable agriculture.

Using this technology, high efficiency and uniformity in application is achieved, which allows us to make use of 95% of the water supplied to crops.

Additionally, using this system optimizes fertilization programs through a process known as “fertirrigation”.


All water that comes into contact with fruit is called “agricultural use water”, which is why it is absolutely essential to know its sanitary conditions from its origin until it comes into contact with the crops.

At Hortifrut, we keep a safety program that allows us to ensure that all water used in the crops complies with the microbiological levels required by the most strict international regulations, a control that is carried out permanently in all of our orchards.


The efficient use and care of water is also a priority in our production facilities, which is why we have promoted the installation of cleaning and sanitization equipment for surfaces and environment, which produce a cold fog formed by tiny water droplets of 5–30 microns.

This technology allows us to cover and clean large surfaces with a very low water consumption, without jeopardizing the effectiveness of cleaning protocols, which has been scientifically validated.