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We develop our business under strict ethical and transparency parameters, ensuring regulatory compliance, people’s civil and labor rights, in order to prevent, identify, and address possible issues that may affect their reputation, sustainability, and the trust placed on them by different stakeholders.

Compliance model and crime prevention

 In compliance with the requirements of Law No. 20,393, the company has implemented a Crime Prevention Model, through which it promotes the prevention of the offences included in the laws mentioned above. In October 2020, BH Compliance Ltda. certified the Crime Prevention Model of Hortifrut S.A. and its subsidiaries in Chile, under the scope of Law No. 20,393, and in December 2020, of Law No. 21,132 (water pollution).

Trainings are carried out annually on the Crime Prevention Model, which seek to encourage ethical and upright actions among our Collaborators and Directors, in order to avoid the commission of any of the crimes sanctioned by Law or that values ​​are transgressed and/or or Hortifrut policies.

Conflict of interest declaration portal

Hortifrut has a “Conflict of interest declaration portal” where directors, senior executives, and co-workers annually declare whether they have any conflict of interest, economic interest, or any other kind, between their duties at the company and their personal interests.

Whistleblower channel

Hortifrut has made this platform available for its co-workers, suppliers, customers, and third-parties in general to report any important deficiency or weakness regarding the design and functioning of internal controls or any violation of the ethical standards and values of the Company.

This technological platform, a direct and permanent (24/7) hotline will receive your anonymous or identified report ensuring its absolute confidentiality and privacy.

Whistleblower Channel