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HORTIFRUT and its partners around the world commercialize their products through proprietary brands that are widely recognized in the market, capitalizing on the entire experience of global platforms with sales over US$ 1,300 million in 2017.

Biggest blueberry distributor in the world, and the second best within the entire Berry category. The brand is mainly commercialized in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, as well as in China and other Asian markets.

“Ready-to-eat” products for both retail and foodservice, which are mainly commercialized in the United States and Canada.

Production, import, sale, and distribution for both retail clients and foodservice in Brazil.

Distributor in Europe (including the United Kingdom and Ireland), mainly through the brands Southern Sun and Berry Collection.

Brand specialized in blueberries, distributed and commercialized by Euroberry across the main European markets.

Brand specialized in blueberries, distributed and commercialized by Euroberry in specific European markets. Also commercialized in China via SVA Fruits (Joint Venture between Hortifrut and San Clemente Fruits from Chile).

Main imported fruits distributor and marketer in China, with over 40 distribution centers throughout the country, comprising a population of one billion people. Commercializes our berries under the brand Joy Wing Mau and Naturipe.

Value-added frozen products based on fruits and vegetables, marketed in retail and foodservice throughout the world through Hortifrut’s commercial platforms.

Frozen Berries brand commercialized all over the world, and it is the leader brand of fresh Berries in Chile.
Additionally, fresh Cherries are also commercialized under this brand in China and Asia.