Rough bindweed fruit

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The rough bindweed fruit is a superfood characterized by its high vitamin C and fiber contents, which make it an excellent antioxidant and diuretic, assisting in blood cholesterol and fatty acids elimination.

Its consumption dates back to prehistoric times, and is originally from different areas of Europe and Asia, where they grew in mountainous, rocky areas among weeds. It is believed that they were already consumed by Paleolithic people, who gathered them from wild plants.

During the Middle Ages, they were really appreciated by doctors, but it was not until the 15th century that its systematic growing started, and there are records of its consumption as a dessert fruit since the 18th century.

Daily consumption of rough bindweed fruit also helps improve wound and burn healing, among other skin conditions such as teenage acne; it also improves vision and relieves constipation.

Enjoy our delicious and healthy fresh red currants in the following available formats during season:

Clamshell: 125 gr. (4.4 oz)    


It is highly recommended for cellulite, obesity, or hypertension treatments.

It reduces cholesterol.

It improves mobility and reduces pain for ill people.

It is a good medicine for the treatment of skin anomalies such as acne, eczema, or dermatitis.

It prevents kidney and urinary bladder inflammation.

It is used for the treatment of sexually-transmitted diseases.

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