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Physalis is a fruit originally from the warm zones of South America, which was introduced into Europe in the 16th century, since the discovery of America. Today it is mainly grown in the Andean region of Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru, as well as other countries like Chile, South Africa, and Spain.

They are an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C, which helps purify blood and tone up the optic nerve, preventing degenerative eye diseases.

They also have diuretic properties, they are used as a natural tranquilizer thanks to their high flavonoid content, and their consumption is highly recommended for people with any type of diabetes.

Enjoy our delicious and healthy fresh physalis in the following available formats during season:

Clamshell: 160 gr. (5.6 oz)    


They contribute to the reconstruction and strengthening of the optic nerve.

They are used in the treatment of mouth and throat illnesses.

They are used against intestinal parasites.

They help in the treatment of people with prostate problems.

They are used as a natural tranquilizer.

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