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BLUEYE is a project developed for the inspection of blueberries through a non-destructive system based on artificial vision, applied through NIR and RGB cameras connected to a software containing a series of algorithms that manage to determine the quality and condition of the fruit.

From the information provided by the system, specific parameters are assessed per fruit unit, among them: caliber, firmness, and defects, if present in the product.

All the extracted data are shown to the user via an interface, where the machine operator can also enter the corresponding batch information, as well as all the characteristics needed for the evaluation.

The goal of the project is to optimize fruit inspection time, broadening the possibility of varying or increasing sample size. Additionally, it allows to work under the same evaluation criteria with no time limits or schedules, besides transforming qualitative data into a quantitative parameter.

Based on the obtained results, the fruit is managed and guided according to the different market requirements, aiming at the generation of predictions that allow to estimate the state in which the fruit will reach its destination.