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The traceability in the post-harvest process is a complex matter to address in blueberry cultivation.

A digital traceability platform was designed for this purpose, tracing the fruit in terms of temperature and time, allowing for a correlation of variables with artificial intelligence, in order to improve fruit quality, reprocessing, and dehydration.

To this date, the implementation and use on Chilean and Peruvian T1920 crops has been completed, obtaining valuable information due to the scope of the project.

With this information, we have been able to develop for T2021 a series of optional improvements, including a dashboard view in Tableau for the responsible teams to be able to manage alerts coming from the sensorized operation.

This T2021 season, the system will be used once again on crops in Chile, where a follow-up will be conducted on the 3 value sources established for the project: Increase in yield and quality, decrease in fruit reprocessing, and decrease in dehydration.