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Every worker at Hortifrut in each activity carried out throughout the whole value chain of the business is part of what we call our “Hortifrut family”.

Just as the family is the base of every society, the “Hortifrut family” has always been the foundation of our company, and we recognize and develop important values in it, such as respect, collaboration, sense of belonging, commitment, tradition, communication, and humbleness.


Renzo Chambi – Peru

Belén Muñoz – Mexico

Santiago Frías – Argentina

Eduardo Pavón – Argentina

Lidia Barradaz – Mexico

Carolina Ibarra – Chile

Rosa Salgado – Chile

Jorge Bustos – Chile

Digna Fuentes – Chile

Ana Aguilar – Peru

Enrique Acevedo – Chile

María José Moller – Chile

Marcos Bustos – Chile

Osvaldo Erbetta – Chile

Fernando Marrón – Spain

Francisco Fernández – Spain

Rocío Gil Peláez – Spain

Sebastián García – Spain

Antonio Guerrero – Spain

Javier Román – Spain

Nuria García – Spain

Omar Merezak – Spain

Pilar Bañados – Chile